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Lend an EAR to your neighbor

Good relationship with neighbors play an important role

in the sharing economy.

This simple 3 step process ensures healthy relationships with our neighbors.

Lend an "EAR."

The best way to coexist. 


Engage your neighbors

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Provide them with a 24hr contact number to reach you or your property manager in the event of situation that concerns them OR you. It's respectful and is in the best interest of the neighborhood.


Address issues before they become problems

Noise: Set quiet hours after 10pm.


Trash: Obtain trash and recycling cans. Have your cleaners include the outside of your property in their cleaning. 

Parking: Post a map or photographs inside your property showing both where to park and where not to park.


Resolve issues quickly and with free help

Reach out to Denver's FREE city wide service that will help you resolve your issue with your neighbor. It's a fair balanced  meditation with the intention of  having both parties listen, understand and find a common resolution that works.

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