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The big picture

Short Term Rentals are more

than just a home or an apartment.

They create jobs for Denver citizens .

They support local neighborhood businesses.

The bring in millions in Tax revenue.

They are a livelihood for people who live here.

They allow people to see the real Denver.

They can be balanced with housing. 

How Denver Wins


cleaning jobs

have been created

There are an estimated 1,000 cleaners and 150 cleaning companies in Denver that clean Short Term Rentals. 


Service jobs thrive

Thousands of jobs have been created for Denver citizens. 

It takes approximately 6 service based businesses to service a Short Term Rental.


in tax revenue -per year

12 million dollars in taxes are estimated to be collected in 2019 from Short Term Rentals

Local Small

Businesses Benefit

An estimated $171 dollars per day per guests gets spent by someone staying at a short term rental. 


With small businesses under threat from online shopping and the convenice of small local business actually get to thrive thanks to out of town money that gets spent due to local tourists staying in neighborhoods. This money would normally get spent around hotels instead it gets spent at small local business that could really use. Small businesses add to the fabric of the neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. Short term rentals are vehicle for economic vibrancy. 


$171 a day get spent locally

$1,000,000+ a month into the pockets of Denver Citizens

Over $1 million dollars a month go into the pockets of Denver's cleaners, landscapers, home repair service directly due to short term rentals. This money stay local and recycles in Denver's communities versus corporate hotel share holders.


Only 1% of housing

Low impact on housing

Back in 2016 With our rapid growth there has been a lot of concern about how Short term rentals would impact housing.

The truth is we take up 1% of housing and with long term rental housing occupancy at near record highs 6% it's time to take a look at short term rentals with a fresh set of eyes for the good it's doing for our local economy. 

99.99% visit success

Out of 11,000 bookings per month Denver hosts earn excellent reviews by the feedback we get from the community. Even though there are less than10 reported issues per month we won't stop until we are 100%. 

Learn about our Good Neighbor Summit to see how we are listening and learning about how to be better neighbors.





60% of travelers prefer Airbnb

Colorado relies very heavily on Tourism to supplement taxes and fund improvements. 


Local neighborhoods benefit from out of state money.

60% of travelers prefer to stay in a home.

It leads to more people moving to a town or city. 



Short Term Rental Advisory Committee 

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