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About Us

A Professional Positive Voice

As short-term rental hosts, our work culminates in a shared effort to uphold our deepest values: positive city impact, responsible hosting, community and neighbor relations, and increased economic opportunity.


We provide space for feedback and needed change, dig into the historical context of our neighborhoods, and offer mediation and dispute resources to promote harmonious host-neighbor relations.


It is our responsibility to have the best interests of our city and community at heart. As hosts, we drive city tourism, job growth, and support of local businesses; we are stewards of the neighborhoods in which we live and open up to travelers.

We are organizers: we lobby for our rights as hosts, and we deliver our insights and perspectives to the City officials and we advocate for the health and vibrancy of all of Denver.

Our Vision

The sharing economy has brought rapid changes in work / life / travel lifestyle. When you couple with our city's incredible growth Denver requires a progressive solution that maintains the fabric of neighborhoods and smart housing allocations.

We see a balanced approach to regulations that preserve what we all love about Denver while making room for the opportunity and flexibility of our economy. 

We support




We support Denver jobs, housing stock and the future of tourism for Denver.

We understand the importance of keeping good relationships with our neighbors 

Small local neighborhood businesses rely on tourism dollars.

STRs create hundreds of jobs for Denver Citizens.

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