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Join the Mile High Hosts

Sign up for free to stay up to date on the latest at City Hall, plus get tons of other resources to help you protect and grow your business.

Why Join?

The Mile High Hosts is a community of short-term rental operators and advocates sharing the benefits of STRs in our community. By signing up, you’ll connect with other local operators, get the most up-to-date information, and learn how to take action to enact positive change at City Hall.

Being a part of the Mile High Hosts means you’ll be a part of a team. That means you’ll occasionally be asked to put on a jersey and jump in the game through actions like:

  • Attending virtual events

  • Sharing your ideas and opinions

  • Submitting a testimony

  • Sharing your STR story

  • Signing a petition

We’ll make any of these requests as quick and easy as possible.

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